Photo of elderly couple in living room with boxes

I have my home again!

I hired Kerrie, from Moving Our Seniors, to help me bring order to my home. I had a busy life, and over time, my living room and dining room had become cluttered with un-filed personal and business records, craft projects, seasonal decorations, etc. Looking around, the task seemed daunting; I didn't know where to begin, I was tired just looking around. Kerrie methodically tackled the rooms, sorting the belongings, leaving me clear, labeled, plastic tubs, organized into categories. The rooms looked amazing and spacious, I loved my home again. I am thrilled by the results. Thank you Kerrie!

Lois M.

Moving made easy!

My husband and I recently moved out of our home of thirty-one years into a condominium. Unfortunately the condo was still under construction at the time our house sold, and we had to move to a temporary residence until our unit was completed. We can't say enough about the care, effort, and long hours of work expended by the Collins family. They did whatever was needed to finish the task, and made sure we were moved out on the date specified by our buyers and into our temporary residence. They moved us again three months later from our temporary residence to our condo with the same care and dedication as the first move. We highly recommend Moving Our Seniors to anyone thinking of moving.

Robert & Sally N.